Productivity Solutions Grant for eCommerce Business

Being technologically ahead is not about having the most expensive equipment and the fanciest setups. It’s not all about the aesthetics and high prices when it comes to technology. Starting off your technological journey can be as simple as automating existing processes in your company to improve your overall productivity! Improving business productivity is the […]

Your Productivity Solutions Grant Questions, Answered

The Productivity Solutions Grant is a grant that supports companies whose goals are to adopt IT solutions and equipment to enhance their business processes. PSG is an amazing way to help kick-start your technology journey. You can do this by taking simple steps to automate already existing processes and improve productivity for businesses not only […]

Small Business Singapore Grants and Why You Need to Apply

Grants in Singapore for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) are a great way to kick-start businesses again or keep currently running businesses afloat. COVID-19 has caused rising unemployment and consumer spending decline, and with job losses and a decline in consumer spending, businesses have been struggling, and the competition is harder than ever. Over the […]

5 Reasons to NCSS Tech-and-Go is Best for Your SSAs

The pandemic has shifted the way that multiple industries operate. The impact that it has had on our society is staggeringly high, to the point where it has even affected our societal norms and professional practices! With this many changes occurring globally, we are all forced to adapt and try to get back on track. […]

15 Profitable eCommerce Ideas for 2021

The business landscape in Singapore has drastically changed due to the rise of eCommerce. As we enter another year of growth for the eCommerce market, it’s high time for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their online businesses. Though it’s easier said than done, the key is to choose the perfect idea that will attract potential online […]

NCSS Tech-and-Go – Everything You Need to Know About it

Going online as a Social Service Agency (SSA) can be a daunting task. Especially for Social Service Agencies that don’t have any prior experience in getting their business online. Sitting through different workshops, getting IT consultancies, and capability building can be a lengthy and pricey process that can discourage agencies from going digital. However, with […]

10 Effective Ways to Use Social Media for eCommerce

For the past two decades, the algorithms of social media platforms continue to change from time to time to adapt to the evolving consumer trends gradually. From the text-based content to more impressive and stimulating visuals, there emerged innovative apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. These are being used as promotion platforms for eCommerce. Entrepreneurs […]

Asia eCommerce Consumer Product Trends – Top 10

There was a time when eCommerce Singapore and in any other country wasn’t as famous and spontaneous as it was today. At that time, most eCommerce businesses usually identified their products in two classifications. Specifically, your product was either a commodity, which is the more common, essential, and popular goods or services that are highly […]

eCommerce in Asia – How to Start an Online Business

The world is suddenly turning over. Online businesses are taking a much larger space in the market. People can either start online businesses or shift/adapt to online businesses instead of the standard brick-and-mortar stores. Asia, in general, is a huge market when it comes to eCommerce platforms. Aside from the giants like Alibaba, AliExpress, and […]

eCommerce Trends in Asia

ECommerce has come a long way, and the growing market has opened loads of opportunities to thrive and gain success. Users worldwide have realized the convenience that eCommerce brings to the table, and its popularity will only grow further down the line! However, the growing market has made some businesses grow lenient. The worst thing […]

eCommerce Mobile App – 7 Reasons Your Business Needs One

Selling products online has become a necessity for eCommerce businesses that want to stay relevant in the market. Although a website would usually suffice and cater to most people, is it enough right now when the competition is fiercer than before? If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you’re going to need to […]

10 Foolproof Ways to Improve eCommerce Store

eCommerce has been the trend for 2020. Given that many people have now been more open to the idea of shopping online, especially how large eCommerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba have now become staples among consumers, it’s something that everyone should think about. Although a lot of people have tried out engaging in the […]