A Good Corporate Website Brings a Different Perception to Your Brand!

We're currently living in an era where you can find everything online. The rise of the internet means that your relevance in the market is mainly dependent on how people perceive you in the digital landscape!

Gone are the days when people have to find the businesses and places they need to go. Whenever people need to find a place that suits their needs, they turn to search engines to find one. Although word of mouth is still relevant, it's no longer enough to keep your business afloat.

Having a good Corporate Website helps you stay relevant in the digital landscape by putting your brand out for a broader demographic to see. Moreover, it is a platform to present your products and show potential customers the unique selling points you have, compared to your competitors!

Businesses usually overlook good Corporate Website design when making one for their company. Good Corporate Website development is cohesive, has excellent content, is regularly updated, and is easy to use.

Below are a few key pointers that we focus on when designing & developing your new Corporate Website

Creative Design & Functionality

Having a visually appealing website makes users have an easier time digesting information without getting bored. Allowing white space, reducing visual clutter, and utilizing high-quality graphics will let users see your company in a good light. The corporate website design process can get meticulous, but it can lead to user retention and loyal customers in the long run if done correctly.

Like your corporate website design, the functionality of your corporate website has to be top-notch! Optimizing your website's speed, proofreading your posts, and building to web standards will go a long way for SEO rankings.

Optimal User Experience

Users will always be in a rush whenever they're checking your website. Because of how fast people lose attention and switch to another website, putting User Experience (UX) on top of your priority list will net you a higher user base in the future!

User Experience is crucial in helping visitors find what they need, navigate the website, and stay on your website for prolonged times. At Corsiva Lab, our in-house designers will recommend you a refreshed Site Architecture along with helping your brand achieve the best User Experience possible.

Cross Device Optimization

Your site has to compete on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms! The prevalence of smartphones and tablets has made it difficult for corporations to ignore them. Most people will be looking up your website through their phones, so making sure that it looks great on any platform is a given.

Optimizing for mobile will give your corporation a massive boost in user experience and SEO rankings! Our in-house development team will ensure that these details are well optimized when programming your Corporate Website.

Emphasizing Call to Action

If your website doesn't entice users to do something such as buy / enquire about your products or services, then they'll be less likely to do anything. Engage with the crowd and show them the purpose of your site explicitly. If your site's purpose is unclear, you aren't getting any profit!

Offer your users to join mailing lists or learn more about your corporation, do anything to clarify your purpose, and allow users to engage and stay longer!


Corporate Website Packages

Our Corporate Website Packages drive your Website visitors into warm leads.

Our packages includes these fundamentals



Helping your business generate more leads is our key objective. We will equip your Website with tools such as live chat integration, newsletter integrations & splash pop-up marketing notice.



Upon understanding your design preferences & colour schemes, our in-house designers will do mock-up designs with internal testings to ensure smooth user experience on your Website.



Website Rankings are crucial on Google. When programming your Website, we make sure to optimise the speed and usability across different devices. This will help to improve your rankings.



Before your new Website goes live, we will assist with integration to tools like Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel. This allows you to gain useful insights on your Website visitors & carry out retargeting digital marketing campaigns.


  • Consultation & Requirements Gathering Session to Define Brand’s Direction
  • Planning of Strategic User Interface/User Experience Journey Flow
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Optimised
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Integration with Data Analytics Tools
  • Integration with Social Media Tools
  • Integration with Live Chat Tools
  • Contact Form Setup
  • CMS Training Session
  • Website Hosting & Maintenance
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WordPress CMS & Benefits

Why does Corsiva Lab use WordPress?

Corsiva Lab only uses the best tools and approaches for every client. We are proud of using only the best in the industry to ensure that we translate your brand, goals, and corporate identity into your corporate web design.

Since 2003, WordPress has been considered one of the most popular open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) and till today it is powering more than 30% of the websites worldwide. WordPress is scalable, secure and allows you to independently manage your corporate website once the design and development is completed. At Corsiva Lab, we pride ourselves in creating & building corporate websites from scratch. This allows us to produce a website design that is unique for your brand and a design that translates your current marketing, branding, and value proposition into your corporate website.

Intuitive Content
Management System

Search Engine
Optimization Friendly

Scalable with
Thousands of Plug-Ins

Optimal Loading
Speed with Cross
Browser Compatibility

Flexibility for
Customized Designs

Safe and Secure

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