Accelerate your digital transformation with Tech-and-GO! funding

While the pandemic continues to disrupt communities, social service agencies are on the front line. To help them serve Singaporeans amid this economic turmoil, the Invictus Fund now supports SSAs with up to 70% funding. The Tech-and-GO! grant has been set by the NCSS to assist SSAs with their digital transformation journey to adapt to the new normal.

Corsiva Lab takes pride in being listed as a pre-approved Tech-and-GO! vendor for web design services & productivity solutions. That means we can help you achieve your digital objectives through providing a fully customised website development while the grant defrays up to 80% of the costs.

How can the Tech-and-GO! grant help your SSA?

Tech-and-GO! provides funding for pre-selected small-scale IT solutions (Start Digital), large-scale projects (Go Digital) and IT consultancy. Each of the offerings has its financial limits, though. When it comes to building an SSA’s e-commerce website with Corsiva Lab, your funding qualifies for Start Digital. Under this offering, social service agencies can get up to $30,000 in reimbursements from the government. If you are looking to develop a customised productivity solution, you can consider tapping onto Go Digital funding, where NCSS supports up to $300,000.

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Apply for Tech-and-GO! funding with Corsiva Lab

With Tech-and-GO! funding, you can:

  • Start a digital project to benefit the community
  • Enhance the way your SSA delivers public services
  • Engage online audiences in your fundraising and other initiatives
  • Automate processes, including registration for volunteer programmes
  • Improve your agency’s productivity

If your SSA is eligible, go ahead to:

  • Let us know all your service digitalisation needs
  • Receive a quotation from Corsiva Lab accordingly
  • Submit your grant application to NCSS
  • Get approved in a matter of weeks and commence on the project
  • File the necessary reports and receive the 70% funding upon project completion

Kickstart Your E-Commerce Website in 4 Easy Steps

Not sure where to begin? Fret not! In just 4 easy steps, you can bring your own E-Commerce website to life!



We’d love to understand more about your business! Arrange a consultation with us and let’s brainstorm some ideas. We’ll also provide a quotation just for you!



Obtain a quotation from our team and submit your grant application in one of the open application window periods. The 4 application window periods are in January, April & July.



Our team will design and develop your website whilst manage your project ensuring project success.



Once your site is live, submit the required
paperwork to process your claims.

Go Digital with Up To 70% funding for your E-Commerce Website today!

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