Introducing CorsivaConnect

CorsivaConnect, our omnichannel O2O solution aims to bridge the gap between the offline retail landscape and the thriving realm of online commerce. Our solution harmonizes traditional brick-and-mortar point of sale systems with the dynamic world of e-commerce, offering an unparalleled synergy that maximizes sales potential and optimizes day to day operations.

At the heart of our offering lies a Unified System that includes software modules such as Product, Inventory, Order, Customer, and Supplier management, elevating productivity levels for retailers across the board.

To further amplify operational efficiency and enrich the shopping journey for customers, our solution seamlessly integrates with various sales channels including E-Commerce Website, Marketplaces, Social Media and POS systems.

With our in-house team’s capabilities, we are able to further customise the solution & perform external integrations to meet specific business requirements.

About the ADS Grant (Advanced Digital Solution)

Helping Businesses Scale

The ADS Grant aims to support enterprises to deepen their digital capabilities, strengthen business continuity measures and to drive digital transformation to build business resilience for growth in a digital economy.

For the retail sector, the grant helps retailers integrate their online and offline sales channels orders with back-end systems such as CRM, inventory & sales management, and 3rd party systems (e.g. warehouse management, fulfillment) to deliver a unified customer experience.

The solution enables retailers to offer a seamless shopping experience across various customer touchpoints, and ensure real-time product and inventory visibility.

Requirements of ADS Grant

Am I Eligible For The ADS Grant?

To apply for the ADS Grant, you are required to fulfill these conditions:

  • Registered and Operating in Singapore
  • Minimum 30% Local Shareholding
  • Business is Financially Capable to undertake the project

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Key Features

Check Out The Key Features of CorsivaConnect

Omnichannel Marketplace Integration - eg, Shopee / Lazada
Integrating with marketplaces is crucial for an online-to-offline omnichannel product as it extends your reach to a broader audience, enabling seamless customer engagement and transactions across diverse online platforms. This integration not only enhances your product's visibility but also streamlines the customer journey, fostering trust and convenience in the transition from the digital realm to offline experiences. Integration - eg, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento
Integration with your website is key as it allows seamless synchronization of your digital and physical sales channels. This synergy empowers businesses to offer a unified customer experience, bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping while streamlining operations for increased efficiency and profitability.

Product Management System
The centralised product management system seamlessly integrates online and offline channels, enabling businesses to efficiently oversee and synchronize their product offerings across various platforms, ensuring consistent customer experiences. By providing a single channel for product information, updates, and inventory management, it empowers businesses to streamline operations and optimize customer engagement.

Inventory Management System
The centralised inventory management system serves as the backbone of our online-to-offline omnichannel product, seamlessly uniting and tracking inventory across all sales channels and physical store locations. This robust system ensures real-time visibility and control, optimizing stock levels, reducing overstock and understock situations, and enhancing the overall customer shopping experience.

Supplier Management System
The supplier management system seamlessly communications with interconnected modules like Inventory, Purchase Management, Invoicing, and Shipment Tracking and can automate the creation and processing of purchase orders based on predefined rules and triggers, reducing manual effort and ensuring timely procurement. It maintains a centralized database of vendors and suppliers, including contact information, terms, and performance history.

Order Management System
The centralised order management system integrates and synchronizes orders from all digital channels and with physical store operations, ensuring consistent inventory management and a cohesive customer experience across all channels. All the orders from various channels can be viewed real-time, giving you an overall view of your marketplaces performance.

User/Customer Management System
The user management system centralizes customer data and interactions across all digital and physical touch-points, enabling a seamless and personalized experience throughout the customer journey. It helps you manage relationships and interactions with current and potential customers.

Integration to Cloud POS
We provide integration to your existing Cloud POS to seamlessly synchronize customers information, product inventory count and orders fulfilled in your physical store to our O2O Solution. This enables you have a holistic overview of your customers, inventory and sales order record in the O2O Solution.

Integration to Accounting Software
We provide integration to your existing Accounting Software so that you can automate all transaction records and conduct bookkeeping as per usual.

Analytics & Reporting
The analytics and reporting module within our online-to-offline enables businesses to gain deep insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and inventory management across both online and offline channels. By harnessing comprehensive data visualization and robust reporting tools, our module empowers businesses to optimize strategies, allocate resources efficiently, and ultimately enhance the overall customer experience in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Change Management
We will run the O2O Omnichannel Solution parallel for operation to ensure a smooth transition from your current infrastructure to the O2O Solution.

Aftermarket Support
Our local in-house team will always remain contactable to assist you once your system is live.

Live Training by Corsiva Lab Team
Once your system is all setup, our in-house team will ensure proper training is carried out so you can manage the Website independently. We typically carry out a 1x 2 hours face-to-face/online call training.

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