Graphic design is important because it conveys a unified message to your customers.

It can be divided into both digital and print design. From a digital standpoint, our focus is towards brand guidelines, social media creatives, website banners, email signatures, presentation decks, and EDM. On the print side, we focus on logos, name cards, banners, and posters. Additionally, we help with letterheads, packaging, leaflets, and anything that is needed for your business in terms of design.

Ultimately, our designers have significant knowledge of all aspects of graphic design because whatever they choose to make will have an impact on how our clients are perceived to the public.

All Design
Digital Artwork
Print Artwork
Waicome – Social Media Creatives
Teochew Handmade Pau – Social Media Creatives
Teochew Handmade Pau – Social Media Creatives
Teochew Handmade Pau – Social Media Creatives
Slurp Your Oysters – Social Media Creatives
Splink – Social Media Creatives
Spartans Boxing – Social Media Creatives
Spartans Boxing – Social Media Creatives
Risen – Social Media Creatives
PushPullGive – Social Media Creatives
Pawzi Pets – Social Media Creatives
Armfort – Social Media Creatives


Our graphic design process begins with us understanding our clients’ business context and aspects that affect their visuals like their key audience and key messaging.

The next step would be establishing or drawing reference to their brand identity and core identity components. Examples of this can include mission statements, vision statements, personality, value proposition, and tone of voice.

Based on this understanding, we will conceptualise and develop a unique collateral according to the desired visual identity.

Developing Business Acumen
Conceptualising & Ideating a Core Visual
Finalise a Unique Visual Aligned with your Brand

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A company’s first impression should align with the perceptions they are trying to establish to others.

Our team believes that well-thought-out visuals are the most valuable asset when it comes to delivering our client’s message in a way that is understood by their audience. Having high-quality visuals means that a business has a high level of credibility and professionalism.

For that reason, our full-service creative and graphic design solutions help meet your needs for all digital and print requirements.