eCommerce Trends in Asia

21 December 2021 in Ecommerce

ECommerce has come a long way, and the growing market has opened loads of opportunities to thrive and gain success. Users worldwide have realized the convenience that eCommerce brings to the table, and its popularity will only grow further down the line!

However, the growing market has made some businesses grow lenient. The worst thing you can do as an eCommerce business is getting too comfortable and lowering your guard. Once this happens, more creative and success-hungry businesses will surely overtake you.

Keeping up with the trend is the first ingredient for success, and we’re here to give you a heads up. Here are some trends that you should be looking out for in eCommerce Asia!

The Rise of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has always been a pretty neat concept. However, up until recently, companies have only been using it to develop games. No brand had used it for travel or online shopping. However, the usage of this technology can change how online shopping and eCommerce works!

With augmented reality, customers can check out the product they’re getting before they hit “add to cart!” This removes the ambiguity that comes with buying items online and makes visualizing what they’d look like in their homes easy. Not a lot of eCommerce Asia businesses have even thought about the idea of adding augmented reality to their websites—so you have the opportunity of being one step ahead of your competitors!

On-Site Personalization

Augmented reality isn’t the only trend that will be dominating the market. Personalized shopping is getting better and better—making online shopping a unique experience for everyone!

Through the use of AI, you can help adjust the suggested products and personalized the items on their home page. Having an experience tailor-made for your users will not only urge them to purchase from your shop, but it will also make their shopping experience a lot smoother!

The lift in revenue that this can have on your business is also fairly substantial, potentially boosting your sales by over 25%! Personalized shopping gives your website an aspect similar to brick and mortar stores and their retail personnel. On-site personalization will surely make even more improvements in eCommerce Asia in the future!

Chatbots & AI

When it comes to personalization and keeping shoppers informed or engaged, chatbots are perfect. Chatbots and AI are perfect for making customers feel attended to while they browse for products they want to buy. Having chatbots respond to questions or even give recommendations based on the customer’s responses would add a level of engagement for your store!

Most customers even prefer having a bot or person to talk to during their session. This preference in chatbots is especially true in eCommerce Asia where response time and engagement are crucial factors to getting sales!

Experts predict that the number of eCommerce websites using chatbots will increase by 70% in the next two years. You better act fast and work on getting a chatbot for your website now before it’s too late!

Speaking of bots, the usage of Artificial Intelligence or AI learning is progressively improving, and businesses can even use them for optimizing pricing and automating discounts. Try to utilize AI as much as possible because the payoff is incredibly worth it!

Mobile Shopping

Providing a smooth mobile shopping experience for your customers is a must if you want your eCommerce business to prosper. The main benefit of improving mobile optimization for your eCommerce site is that you can shop from literally anywhere as long as your customers have their phones with them. Investing in a mobile app is also a great idea if you want to provide the best mobile shopping experience.

Making a responsive and well-optimized mobile site can double your sales. Doubling your sales isn’t an exaggeration either—over 70% of people in the U.S have bought something online using their mobile phones. Most people use their mobile phones when making purchases online—not optimizing your mobile site makes you miss out on thousands of potential customers.

There are more people that own phones than computers—this means that mobile optimization is a trend that you should follow to avoid becoming obsolete. Having a robust mobile site or mobile app will help with your success in eCommerce Asia!

Utilizing Videos

The first thing that people do before they buy something online is watch reviews on Youtube. Taking advantage of the viewership and creating a detailed product review for your items will attract more customers.

Finding creative ways to use videos can potentially make your website more attractive as well. Streaming a video on your homepage or a product page can vastly improve how your website looks. Videos help you captivate your audience and explain your product a lot more thoroughly than images and a description can!

Make sure to keep the videos short, efficient, and high-quality!

Sustainability is Key

Awareness of the Earth’s current state and limited resources is causing people to have a new appreciation for sustainability. Following this trend not only makes your business look better, but it also helps save the Earth in the process!

Using biodegradable packing material, utilizing recyclable supplies, using LEDs that conserve energy, and doing other environmentally-friendly initiatives can go a long way. People will be more inclined to buy from a business that cares for the environment!

Finding ways to take on sustainable practices is beneficial for nature and gives you a competitive edge. Don’t be afraid to show off and tell your customers that you’re taking extra steps to make sure that your operations are sustainable and optimized for the good of the environment!

Keeping Up With The Trend

Trends will always come and go. The way your eCommerce business can adapt to these changes will dictate how much success you’ll get!

Keep your eyes peeled on new trends that may come out in the new year and find ways to optimize the directions above. Try to find the trends that fit your business best, and don’t be afraid to experiment!