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We are a Pre-Approved Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Vendor!

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PSG Grant
Get up to 70% funding for your E-Commerce Website, with our Pre-Approved PSG Grant!

Take your existing brick and mortar store online and generate higher sales revenue! Customers these days are moving into various online websites and platforms to find out more about what you are selling and comparing before deciding to make a purchase. Having an E-Commerce Website, means you have a 24/7 sales man that is ready to serve customers at any time, at their own convenience.

At our company, we pride ourselves in being the leading agency for E-Commerce web development in Singapore. Our experienced in-house team will design & develop a unique website to give your business a competitive advantage in the digital space. As a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) vendor, we offer SMEs solutions at up to 70% funding. Kickstart your online selling platform and give your business the opportunity to gain online exposure, reach out to a wider target audience and boost sales revenue!

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About the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)
Helping Businesses Go Digital

Aligning with efforts to help Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) grow through digitalisation, the Singapore government launched the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) encouraging businesses to adopt digital productivity solutions.

Living in a fast-growing digital age, it is imperative for businesses to adapt and move towards digital platforms. As such, PSG aims to support companies enhance existing processes through information technology, improving on their businesses’ overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Being a pre-approved vendor, our team at Corsiva Lab has the edge in helping your business transition right away! We offer 3 packages that you can choose from, making sure your business gets exactly what it needs.

Requirements of PSG Grant
Am I Eligible For The PSG Grant?

Are you keen on adopting an E-Commerce Website to enhance your business?

To apply for the PSG Grant in Singapore, you are required to fulfill these conditions:

  • Registered and Operating in Singapore
  • Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding; with Company's Group annual sales turnover less than S$100 million, OR less than 200 employers (for selected solutions only)
Does your business fit these requirements? Schedule a consultation now!

Key Features

Check Out The Key Features of Our E-Commerce Website!

Product Management System
Take your store beyond its limits. You can practically sell anything from physical products to digital products in a range of different & complex variations. This system allows you to easily manage your product details on a day to day basis. You can easily edit areas such as name, images, description, specifications, variations and price.

Order Management System
You will have a centralised All in One Order Management System to view all the incoming orders and manage the processes of each order. Each of the change will trigger different action flows pertaining to the needs and requirements of your business operations. This system also includes different filters for your convenience of sorting orders.

User Management System
Our E-Commerce website caters for 2 different purchase flows. Customers can either checkout as a Guest or Registered Users. The benefit of this is that companies will be able to actively grow their database of regular customers to increase sales revenue in the long run.

Free WordPress WooCommerce Mobile App System
For daily operational and management work.

Inventory Management System
With an automated inbuilt Inventory Management System, you never have to worry about overselling or underselling. This automated system is able to prompt you via a notification whenever stocks level fall below a certain level. Moreover, when a new purchase is made on your E-Commerce Website, the inventory will be deducted accordingly. This helps to ensure your business runs in a productive manner.

Coupon Code System This flexible Coupon Code System allows you to easily attract first time and even returning customers with creative marketing campaigns. This is what you will need to grow sales and customers by offering different forms of promotions! We offer you the flexibility to either give $x or $% OFF and you are even able to customize the Coupon Codes to limit to X number of purchases, etc.

Reports Leverage on the reports to understand the trends and to understand your customers better. Wordpress WooCommerce reports easily gives you an understanding of your sales revenues & customer insights. You can easily view the top selling products, sales by specific product categories and many more. Furthermore, you can integrate it with different analytics platform to draw further wisdom as well.

Logistics Support
With official and native extensions that connects you to different international logistic providers, we can work with you to customise a carrier catered to your needs. Locally, we also work with partners such as NinjaVan and Lalamove.

Comprehensive Payment System
We offer ability to accept a wide range of online payments from major credit cards to alternative payment methods (Paynow QR Code) to regional payment and even popular choices such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay!

Omni Channel Product Posting
Having several customer touchpoints online is crucial to generating higher sales revenue. Our E-Commerce Website allows you to scale easily to integrate with external marketplaces. We can work with you to allow your products to flow into marketplaces such as Facebook Shops to increase your exposure.

Conversion Tools to Drive Higher Sales
For every E-Commerce Website we deliver, we will include several additional tools to increase your chance of converting a customer. Features such as Splash Pop Up Marketing Notice, Live Chat Integration, Newsletter Subscriptions, Cart Abandonment Email and Upselling Tools are available.

Aftermarket Support
Our local in-house team will always remain contactable to assist you once your Website is live. Moreover, Wordpress Woocommerce also offers you a whole database of support articles and help.

Live Training by Corsiva Lab Team
Once your Website is all setup, our in-house team will ensure proper training is carried out so you can manage the Website independently. We typically carry out a 1x 2 hours face-to-face/online call training.

Kickstart Your E-Commerce Website Development Project in 4 Easy Steps

Not sure where to begin? Fret not! In just 4 easy steps, you can bring your own E-Commerce website to life!


Schedule a

We’d love to understand more about your business! Arrange a consultation with us and let’s brainstorm some ideas. We’ll also provide a quotation just for you!


Apply For
The PSG Grant

Our team will guide you through the process. Once all the paperwork is completed, submit it through the Business Grant Portal!


Design & Develop
Your E-Commerce Website

Our team will create an aesthetically pleasing E-Commerce website design and ensure that it is well optimized to help your business achieve high conversion rates.


PSG Claim

Once your site is live, submit the required paperwork to process your claims.

Go Digital with Up To 70% funding for your E-Commerce Website today!

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Why Work With Us
Here at Corsiva Lab, we pride ourselves with these core qualities:
Experienced Team Experienced Team
Experienced Team

With an in-house team of 80+ people, our team has a wide variety of experience working with SMEs & MNCs from different industries across Singapore. Tap onto our experience to ensure that your new E-Commerce Website achieves high conversion rates and serves as an additional revenue stream.

Prompt Response Rate Prompt Response Rate
Prompt Response Rate

Keeping a close relationship to all our web design clients is a core value at Corsiva Lab. Be it pre or post project, we dedicate an account manager for every web design project to ensure ease of communication, prompt response and quality service delivery.

Innovative & Fresh Idea Innovative & Fresh Idea
Innovative & Fresh Idea

Corsiva Lab is powered by a driven inhouse Web Design Singapore team. Our key priorities for our clients revolve around generating unique ideas, communicating Unique Selling Points and presenting our client’s corporate brand identity to their potential and existing customers.

Fully Customisable Websites Fully Customisable Websites
Fully Customisable Websites

Flexibility has always been a part of Corsiva Lab’s culture. We strongly believe that every Web Design project has its own unique vision and goals. Our web design Singapore team is dedicated to meeting every client’s needs and wants to ensure we value add to your business.

Our Work Process
Our team at Corsiva Lab is structured to take on complex projects. From Mobile Applications to Customized Web Portals/Platforms to Retail POS linkup, we have plenty of experience in bringing ideas to reality.
Consultation and Proposal Consultation and Proposal
Consultation and Proposal

By learning about your business' unique selling points, we will value-add to your business with a proposal carefully scoped to enhance your company's image.

Easy Onboarding Process Easy Onboarding Process
Easy Onboarding Process

Along with the site architecture and design guidelines, we will provide a timeline documentation with our rigorous follow-up process and deadlines for deliverables.

Design Research Design Research
Design Research

Before beginning our designs, we will conduct competitive research of your brand, competitors and industry to give your business the edge.

Design & Develop Design & Develop
Design & Develop

Our in-house IT team will work closely with our designer, account manager and, copywriter in order to deliver you your desired website on time.

After-market Support After-market Support
After-market Support

One year of free hosting and maintenance are included within our proposal, to ensure that your website will be running smoothly after the project is completed.


A part of the L’Oreal Group, Kiehl’s offers high quality skincare products with unique and natural ingredients. Since 1851, Kiehl’s extensive experience has resulted in a unique blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge developed over generations.

Corsiva Lab was tasked to design & develop an E-Pop shop for certain brands under L’Oreal group. The designs required focused on scalability and easy replication as they were to be ‘re-skinned’ across each brand. Other key attributes include customizing each brand’s promotion mechanisms as well as integrating with NinjaVan to facilitate product delivery.



Camel Nuts wished to leverage on their position as a market leader to further expand their reach, by revamping their E-Commerce website and system to showcase their wide array of products in an accurate and visually pleasing manner. The client needed to smoothness the logistics and E-Commerce processes, which was hindered by the old E-Commerce system that required many manual processes, resulting in human errors.


Sincere Watch

Corsiva Lab was tasked to revamp Sincere’s E-Commerce website giving it a refreshed look, maintaining a modern and luxurious brand feel across all pages. With a large number of products and brands available, the main challenge faced on their site product findability. As such, our main focus revolved around a unique filter functionality that enhances the user experience in finding their desired watch.



With more than a decade of professional experience in the Info-communications and power backup sector, PROLiNK specializes in a wide range of products of Data Communication, Wireless Networking, Display, Backup UPS and Gadgets. Corsiva Lab developed a customised website with a unique site architecture targeted to 2 audiences – Corporate & Consumers. Alongside, we produced a design that focuses more on a “lifestyle” look & feel instead of the outdated “corporate” look.


Seeds of Joy

Specializing in handcrafted snack selections, Seeds of Joy is a local brand under the nut manufacturing company, Camel Nuts. Corsiva Lab designed and developed an E-Commerce website that highlighted the broad selection of nuts available. Through organized categorization, we enhance a user’s experience as they navigate the site, ensuring they are able to fully view all products. Making use of the fun corporate colours, we designed a bold and lively site that not only brings attention to the products, but the unique branding.



Corsiva Lab was tasked to develop a Wordpress E-Commerce site that featured a unique design layout. Our core focus revolved around ensuring the accuracy of the designs provided, while also maintaining a consistent look & feel across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.


Hao Ki Yang

Hao Yi Kang is a Singapore-founded platform that aims to be a one-stop centre for healthy living needs. They provide specially curated traditional health products innovated by modern technology.

Corsiva Lab was tasked to design and develop a Wordpress E-Commerce website for their luxury health products. Our team focused on ensuring a smooth and effortless checkout flow for users to In addition to their E-Commerce site, we developed static pages with core content about the company as well as their products.


P5 Studio

From affordable luxury to premium labels, P5 Studio offers a complete solution of furniture, beds, lighting, wardrobes, kitchens, rugs, and accessories for residential and commercial projects.

With an extensive range of products, Corsiva Lab was tasked to create an E-Commerce website that allowed users to easily find and filter products. Leveraging on the many aesthetically pleasing images, our team designed a modern and minimalistic website that heavily featured the images. In addition to their E-Commerce site, we designed and developed static pages with core content about the company as well as more informative pages on their products.


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Our Customers
Orchard Central
Sincere Watch
Singapore Casket
JBE Holdings
Rigel Old
J group
Franck Muller
ST Logistics
The Face Shop
Phillip Wain
Wufang Singapore
Pororo Park
Tayo Station
The Hokkien Foudation
Ban Leong
Million Lighting
Sync cycle
Jackson Global
Absolute Bites
Canossian School
Artificial Lift Solutions
USP Group Limited
Sing Mah
Jane Yap Clinic
H2O LifeSource
Circular Law
Kidney Clinic
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Corppass to access Business Grant Portal
  • Signed Quotation provided by Corsiva Lab
No. Please note that applicants must apply for PSG before they have:
  • Made any payment to a supplier, vendor or third party in relation to the purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solution or equipment
  • Signed any contract with a supplier, vendor or third party in relation to the purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solution or equipment
Submit your PSG Claim Application on the Business Grants Portal here.
Please note that all companies need to apply for the PSG on their own. No third party should apply for the grant on the company’s behalf.
  • Purchase Order or Signed Acceptance of Quotation/Contract Invoice
  • Invoice
  • One month Usage Report
  • Receipt or Copy of cheque (if payment is made by cheque)
  • Bank Statement showing payment
PSG is capped at SGD30,000 per entity per financial year. SMEs are free to select the packages they need according to their requirements.
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