7 Effective Ways to Market Mobile Applications

21 December 2021 in Branding

Mobile apps are diverse. In general, mobile apps are developed specifically to be used on smartphones, and they’re optimized to fit whatever purpose. Marketing your mobile applications to consumers also has a variety of diverse methods to do so.

Everyone who manages and develops an app wants it to be used by their target market. Growing an audience, especially monthly users for apps, enables the developers to reach their goals or get further funding to continue developing the app. However, Mobile App Marketing doesn’t cover only the downloading process of Mobile Apps; but it also includes keeping users engaged and retaining them.

In this article, we’ll be exploring seven effective ways to Marketing Mobile Applications. These methods have been proven to be useful for getting potential users to download the mobile app that you are marketing.


The first marketing strategy in this list applies to mobile app marketing and many things. Word of mouth is, by far, the essential tool when it comes to marketing. No matter what type of product, service, or app you are marketing, people talking about it will get others to think about using it.

Researchers have found out that approximately 2.4 billion brand-related conversations take place today in the United States. If people talk about your application a lot, especially if there are additional incentives to talk about it more, you can get more downloads and increase users.

A method to market your app through word of mouth is by establishing a referral system and incentivizing users to use it. Most apps that have referral systems work by rewarding users who invite other users to use the app’s feature. 77% of people are more likely to buy a product when they learn about it from their friends or family. Taking this into account, this is a guarantee that you’ll get an increase in users.

Push Notifications

As a user, push notifications may sometimes be annoying, but it’s essential for the app developer. Push notifications are enormous and very obvious. They ensure that your users are kept engaged with your app when needed.

Researchers have found that users open 90% of push notifications, but only 68.9% of marketing emails are given attention. Taking this into account, push notifications are more important than marketing emails.

The next goal should then be to incentivize the users to turn on push notifications. It’s essential that they do because otherwise, push notifications won’t even pop up. This is when app developers consider where they can place options and tips to turn on push notifications. Maybe insert them at the homepage, or have a notification pop-up when opening the app.

App Feedback

App feedback is essential for Mobile App developers. Not only are they necessary for marketing, but they’re also important in further improving and developing your app.

So how does App Feedback work when it comes to Mobile Applications Marketing? It shows your users that you’re willing to improve. That you’re always on the look for things you can do to make their experience better, and that you’re eager to hear them out if they have anything to say. Overall, this creates a connection and amplifies trust between the developers and the users, which is excellent for retaining users and keeping them happy.

Lastly, to ensure that your App Feedback marketing strategy works, they should be very accessible in the app. Try to place it in noticeable areas in the app that people can easily access. You can even try to incentivize people to give their feedback, and in exchange for their feedback, you reward them with perks.

Future Update Notifications

Like all our other strategies in Mobile Application Marketing, keeping users up to date is very important. Not only does this inform them of what’s to come shortly regarding the app, but this also gets people exciting for new up-and-coming updates.

Never keep your users in the dark. Hiding upcoming updates from them and only notifying them a day before the update is problematic. We want our users to trust us. A great way to build on that trust is to be transparent.

Future Update Notifications are vital because they build both trust and excitement, resulting in users’ retention. You might even get more users if they’re interested in the upcoming update.

App Branding

Branding is essential in all fields of business. It covers factors like uniqueness and in-depth characteristics like the logo, brand colors, and even culture. You can incorporate this with your Mobile App and ensure that your users get an experience worth their time.

People value their time. They won’t be spending it on things that aren’t productive, entertaining, or useful. No matter what product, service, or experience you provide with your app, embracing a specific culture ensures a level of competency and expectation set with your users.

Instructional Videos / Demos

People want to see what they’re getting into. An instructional video or a demo video does two productive things for an app developer. An instructional video introduces possible users to the app’s experience and, at the same time, informs them of what the basics are when using the app.

This is a great way to introduce people to the app because instructional videos are often needed to fully experience an application. However, please don’t limit yourself to instructional videos because some apps might not need one because it speaks for themselves. This is when snippets or demos of your app can be inserted instead. You can upload clips of your app being used as a form of promotion, so you get more people interested.

Social Media Promotions

Last on this list is one of the more critical things to consider if you want your app to flourish. Social media is a vital tool for promotion. With everyone on their phones for a long time nowadays, it’s the perfect tool to promote your Mobile App.

There are several ways to use social media for promotion. The highly suggested strategy is to create your own social media page and promote your application through the page, but you can also give influencers and ads a try. Influencers bring in an entirely different demographic when marketing because promoting is a more personal and intimate approach.

Overall, there isn’t a Marketing strategy that’s guaranteed to work for all, but you can try a few of these, and you’re bound to get an increase in users in no time.