Onboarding is the process of welcoming a new client to work with us

During this initial stage, we answer your questions, build rapport, and explain the procedure of how we will be working together.

It helps us set a client up for success by setting them up with a solid foundation for ongoing success.

A day in the life of onboarding looks like this:

1. Welcome

a. A quick introductory call to talk about the client’s business, needs, and what we can do to help them.
b. To discover what we can learn from each other to determine if there will be a good fit.


2. Engage

a. Researching the clients’ business and project.
b. Documenting client needs, questions and insights gleaned through research into a project brief tailored to their needs.
c. Building relationships with each other and the client.


This is also the opportunity to inform the new client of what we want to do for them, how we intend to achieve it, and when will they be done. We may require certain information or data from them in order to perform the service for which they have signed up.

This further helps us to retain clients along the way. We would love to work with you seamlessly!

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