Beta Testing

Beta Testing indicates that an app is still under development and is not the final version.

The app developer publishes the beta version to let the public test the app and submit feedback to the developer. Some beta applications are open to everyone, such as mobile apps that can be downloaded, but others are only available to a restricted number of people who have been chosen to test the apps.

The standard non-beta version of the app will be published to the general public once the app developers have repaired the issues and enhanced it.

Beta testers may be existing customers, members of the development team, or end users of similar products. Beta tests are generally conducted on focused functionality and features and can be used to test product marketing claims. They may be conducted at the developer’s site or customer premises. Beta testers usually report any bugs they find while testing the product and can also offer suggestions for feature improvements.

The word “beta” will no longer appear in the title of the revised version. Beta testing is beneficial to the developer since he or she may not anticipate all potential difficulties with the program until it has been tried by a diverse group of users before releasing the final version.

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