Mobile Operating Systems (OS)

Mobile operating systems, or the Mobile OS, is one of the core tech elements to keep in mind when you are shopping for new devices. The OS is typically preinstalled on your device, though you can remove it and install a different one if you so choose. Often referred to as a mobile OS, a mobile operating system runs exclusively on mobile devices.

This is the system that supports everything else. Besides connecting to the internet, texting, and keeping your calendar, it’s also the basis for all your settings.

Operating systems serve as a platform for developers to produce applications or ‘apps’ (software programs designed for smartphones that perform certain purposes).

There are a variety of mobile operating systems available. Apple has its own Mobile OS called iOS. Mobile operating systems are increasingly found on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, including Samsung’s Android OS and Windows Phone’s Windows OS.

Certain operating systems are open source, which means there are no limitations on what you can download on them or who may develop their software (there is frequently a “community” of developers).

Open-source operating systems can be completely customized, whilst others restrict the sorts of applications that can run on the device.

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