Landing Page (LP)

Landing page or LP is a separate web page specifically designed for marketing or advertising campaigns. When a visitor clicks on a link in an email, a Facebook or Google ad, or another comparable site, they “land” on this page.

A landing page can offer anything from a promotion, a coupon, a demo, or a guide.

Your LP must convey the value of your offer concisely and effectively.

Web pages often have several goals and encourage exploration, but landing pages develop with a single focus or point, called a call to action (CTA).

Because of this, landing pages are an ideal alternative to increasing conversion rates and minimizing transaction costs.

A landing page can be an effective tool for digital advertisements. Comprehensive market research can be conducted by a digital marketer to assist you in creating landing pages that will appeal to your target audience.

A landing page’s purpose is to convert visitors, thus it’s a must-have tool for all sorts of marketing efforts.

You are more likely to boost conversions by limiting the number of links on your LP since less tempting clickables will distract visitors from your call to action. That is why professional marketers often direct their traffic to a specialized landing page.

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