Marketing Funnel

To visualize the path your customers take from learning about your brand to converting, marketing funnel is an invaluable tool. The understanding of these factors will help you understand why some customers convert – and why some don’t.

The goal of the marketing funnel is to educate visitors, qualify them as buyers, and then successfully convert them into customers.

The followings are the different phases in the marketing funnel:
Using marketing efforts, a company brings a user to the funnel where they are exposed to the brand, product, or service.

In some cases, users are uncertain about their needs or the technical requirements of a product. As a result, they will research different brands to determine which are the best fit for their needs.

When a user learns about the benefits of a product or service, he or she is drawn to that product or service. As a result, the user desires to obtain that goods or service.

An incentive-based marketing strategy and an effective call to action influence a user’s purchase decision, resulting in a purchase.

Customer journeys end with a user assessing their satisfaction with their purchase. It is now up to the user to decide whether or not they will remain loyal to the brand.

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