7 Factors for a Successful eCommerce Business

The current market can be a scary place. For the past few years, especially months, we’ve witnessed several companies and businesses we thought were here for the long run. The list includes Dunkin Donuts, Toys “R” Us, and Chuck E. Cheese to name several. If brick-and-mortar businesses like these are having problems with retaining their […]

Asia eCommerce Consumer Product Trends – Top 10

There was a time when eCommerce Singapore and in any other country wasn’t as famous and spontaneous as it was today. At that time, most eCommerce businesses usually identified their products in two classifications. Specifically, your product was either a commodity, which is the more common, essential, and popular goods or services that are highly […]

eCommerce in Asia – How to Start an Online Business

The world is suddenly turning over. Online businesses are taking a much larger space in the market. People can either start online businesses or shift/adapt to online businesses instead of the standard brick-and-mortar stores. Asia, in general, is a huge market when it comes to eCommerce platforms. Aside from the giants like Alibaba, AliExpress, and […]

eCommerce Trends in Asia

ECommerce has come a long way, and the growing market has opened loads of opportunities to thrive and gain success. Users worldwide have realized the convenience that eCommerce brings to the table, and its popularity will only grow further down the line! However, the growing market has made some businesses grow lenient. The worst thing […]

7 Effective Ways to Market Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are diverse. In general, mobile apps are developed specifically to be used on smartphones, and they’re optimized to fit whatever purpose. Marketing your mobile applications to consumers also has a variety of diverse methods to do so. Everyone who manages and develops an app wants it to be used by their target market. […]

10 Effective Branding Strategies for Every Company

Branding is what defines a business. It’s what sets it apart from other companies, and it’s what often dictates the flow of sales and the fate of the business. However, in this age where consumers’ patience is dwindling, and everyone expects products and services to be spoon-fed to them, a nice logo and a cool […]

9 Key Differences Between Branding Strategy and Marketing Strategy

There is no question that branding and marketing are two crucial things to keep in mind when dealing with a business. While they are both critical strategies in business, there is quite a difference between them. Marketing is essentially a fixed pattern of methods and tools employed to promote the business. Often this includes billboard […]

10 Branding Strategies You Need to Apply to Your Company Today

The products you sell don’t define your company as a whole. Your brand as a whole is what sells your entire company to the world and is what you should be focusing on developing if you want to succeed and outdo your competitors! If you look at successful brands right now, you understand the reach […]

eCommerce Mobile App – 7 Reasons Your Business Needs One

Selling products online has become a necessity for eCommerce businesses that want to stay relevant in the market. Although a website would usually suffice and cater to most people, is it enough right now when the competition is fiercer than before? If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you’re going to need to […]

10 Foolproof Ways to Improve eCommerce Store

eCommerce has been the trend for 2020. Given that many people have now been more open to the idea of shopping online, especially how large eCommerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba have now become staples among consumers, it’s something that everyone should think about. Although a lot of people have tried out engaging in the […]

10 eCommerce Activities You Need Right Now

Ecommerce saw a boom this 2020 because of COViD19. When people were confined to their homes during the government-mandated lockdown, physical shopping was (almost) impossible. Thus, people turn to eCommerce sites to buy what they need. But, as clients turn to eCommerce, so as the merchants. There has been an increase of people engaging in […]

10 Reasons You Need an eCommerce Store Now

The internet has gained tons of prominence over the years and has become something that many people can’t live without. The versatility and accessibility of the internet have made it so popular, not to mention how addicting it is to browse it! With the internet becoming something that everything has access to, it’s also a […]