Gesture is a movement made by the human body that can be recognized and interpreted by a computer. A gesture is a set of finger movements you use to interact with a touch screen device. Usually, thumbs and fingers are used for these gestures.

The most commonly used gestures are swipe, pinch, flick, and tap which are mostly used by the application in the mobile devices. These gestures make the user experience more natural and convenient.

Gestures can be combined to create more complex interactions that allow you to perform an action based on a swipe or pinch motion for example. There are many different types of gestures depending on the device and the Mobile OS that you are using so you understand how to design your target device.

​​The phrase “natural user interface” is increasingly used to characterize these interface technologies, indicating the overall lack of any intermediary devices between the user and the system.

The use of gestures on touchscreens has grown as the prices of mobile devices decreased over the years. Today, almost all new smartphones come with touchscreens. Businesses such as banks, hotels, and restaurants utilize touch screen kiosks or other devices and have started using them in their business for better convenience and experience.

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