Mobile Operating Systems (OS)

Mobile operating systems, or the Mobile OS, is one of the core tech elements to keep in mind when you are shopping for new devices. The OS is typically preinstalled on your device, though you can remove it and install a different one if you so choose. Often referred to as a mobile OS, a […]


Gesture is a movement made by the human body that can be recognized and interpreted by a computer. A gesture is a set of finger movements you use to interact with a touch screen device. Usually, thumbs and fingers are used for these gestures. The most commonly used gestures are swipe, pinch, flick, and tap […]

Beta Testing

Beta Testing indicates that an app is still under development and is not the final version. The app developer publishes the beta version to let the public test the app and submit feedback to the developer. Some beta applications are open to everyone, such as mobile apps that can be downloaded, but others are only […]