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Starting A Website In Singapore—How Much Would It Cost?

21 December 2021 in Web Design

Many people think that web design is something that you can learn in a 30-minute crash course on youtube. However, web design is an intricate art that takes years to learn, soak up the experience, and master. With this in mind, many of you may be wondering what the cost of web design in Singapore is if you want a good and clean website.

Perhaps you need it for a business, maybe you want to make an E-commerce website, or possibly you want something done from scratch and are interested in how much it would cost. Well, we’re here to help you out!

Learn about the cost of web design Singapore, and the different websites you can create down below!

Understanding Website Types & Pricing

There’s no definitive price that comes with the creation of a website. It varies based on the web designer’s experience, but the prices listed below can be treated as a rough estimate or a guide.

But first, we have to understand the types of websites, and how some of them cost a lot more than the others.

Corporate Websites

Corporate websites aren’t too difficult to make, which is why they’re a lot more common and a lot cheaper to boot. WordPress developers are usually web design experts that you want to find and consult if you want a corporate website made.

Corporate websites are usually labeled informational websites because they’re typically just used to provide information based on your business. If you’re a restaurant, it shows off your products, images of your food, descriptions of meals, and sometimes a few reviews here and there.

There are factors you have to consider though such as:

  • The number of pages you want on the website
  • CMS integration which makes you manage the content such as videos and images on your website
  • The availability of inquiry forms
  • Mobile and desktop compatibility
  • A contact page
  • Email subscriptions
  • Inquiry form

These are factors that can make the website price fluctuate. A site with 15 pages but lacks the email subscription, and inquiry form can cost you as little as $800 to around $1200. However, one with 30 pages and all those factors combined can go from $1500 to $2000!

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites have been popping up almost everywhere on the internet. You’ve probably already used one if you’re reading this right now. This is an online marketplace where you can set up an online store to sell your products online to anyone who may be interested!

Most cost of web design Singapore for e-commerce sites ranges between $2000 to $5000, which gives you a smooth enough e-commerce site at the bare minimum. However, depending on how complex and large the site is, it can easily skyrocket to up to $15000!

Factors that can affect the price are as follows:

  • Responsiveness and good optimization
  • Proper product management
  • Proper shipping management
  • Ease of the ability to receive payment from customers
  • Coupon management algorithm
  • CMS integration
  • Mobile compatibility & optimization
  • Gateway management for payment that lets you switch between Paypal and other similar gateways
  • Custom pricing
  • Inclusion of 3rd party APIs and accounting software

Web Portals/User-Based Websites

These types of websites are usually not commonly ordered by companies to be made by web designers. The features on web portals don’t really follow a setlist; however, they usually all have:

  • Sign up and login options
  • Profile creation
  • Gives users the to freely post their services and products
  • Have search options that make looking for specific services and products easier
  • The ability for users to connect and contact each other
  • Responsive web design and proper optimization

Looking for a well-experienced web designer when working on a project like this is a must. They must have the credibility to properly follow through with the project and build a robust website. Because of how broad the project can go, there isn’t a set price that a web designer would ask for web portals.

Despite all that, make sure you can conjure upwards of $15000 as the cost of web design Singapore as a rough estimate of what you’ll be spending for the project.

Product Catalog Websites

In contrast to e-commerce websites, product catalog websites don’t actually have any payment gateways in them. The purpose of these websites is to showcase your products and or services to your users and allow them to send inquiries straight to you!

Treat product catalog websites as art museums where people can ask questions about your products that are on display but aren’t necessarily allowed to buy them. Since there’s no actual e-commerce work going on, the cost of web design Singapore could go for anything between $1500 and $3000!

You basically get all of the cool features you’d normally get on an e-commerce website as well, minus the transactions and payment gateways. The only real differences between the two website types are that and the ability for users to ask direct inquiries based on specific products that they desire.

Directory Websites

These are a little tricky. Directory websites have two sides to them, which is why they can get fairly tedious to make for a web designer.

The first side of a directory website is where businesses can sign up and showcase their business and company details for everyone to see.

The second side is mainly for individuals looking for certain products, services, etc., around the area.

The work complexity can make the price fluctuate, but generally, the cost of website design Singapore can be around $5000 to $8000 for these types of sites.


We tend to forget to appreciate how good a site is because we’re used to seeing them everywhere. The time and effort poured in by web designers to make these websites are astronomical and worth every cent paid by you.

Now that you know the cost of web design Singapore and the types of websites you can startup, it’s safe to say that you aren’t going to be swindled, nor will you be stingy any time soon!