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Custom Web Design—Do You Really Need It?

21 December 2021 in Web Design

Web design isn’t just about creating a website that works properly and smoothly. Although that is essential for any website, that won’t matter if the website doesn’t look attractive in the users’ eyes. And what attracts the users at the end of the day is the custom web design Singapore.

Let’s face it; the way a website looks is the first thing we notice on a website. It doesn’t matter what website it is. If it’s appealing to the eyes, we will be inclined to stay on it. However, not many people know about the elements of custom web design and why it’s important to have on your website.

So strap in, get yourself comfortable, and let us show you the beauty of custom web design!

The Impact Of Custom Web Design

When you look for a restaurant, you’re more than likely to choose one that looks neat and presentable. First impressions count, and when a visitor goes onto your website and sees that it looks cluttered, rough, and unsecured, they’re probably not going to be returning anytime soon.

As users of the digital age, we have expectations about what we want to see in a website. The point of custom web design Singapore is to match those expectations, if not exceed them!

Elements Of Modern Custom Web Design

These are crucial elements that people will expect to see in modern websites. From minimalism to ease of access, these are what you should prioritize if you want your website to be a hit!

Minimalistic Design

You don’t need to have an array of vibrant colors and a lot of things going on to make your website look good. Sometimes, less is more. The thing with minimalism is that it reduces a lot of clutter on the user’s screen, and it looks aesthetically pleasing.

You can do a lot of things to make your website look minimalistic. Using unique typography and a lot of informative pictures is one of them. Informative images are a great way of reducing clutter and walls of text on your website. Using cool colors is also great and allows for a relaxed tone for your website!

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

When people make websites, a lot of them overlook the fact that smartphones are a lot more accessible to people than desktops and laptops. When designing your website, you have to keep them in mind as well.

You can create a magnificent desktop website that hits all of the key elements but still lose out on a lot of potential customers because the mobile version of the site is horrible. Make sure to make your mobile site just as good as the desktop one and just as smooth as the desktop one as well!

Catering to both audiences will grant you more overall website views and customers. It also lets your customers use your site on the go when they only have their phones to rely on.

Use Of Hero Images

Hero images are basically the star of the show. They’re eye-catching banners that are supposed to capture the attention of the customer almost instantaneously. Make sure they don’t get covered by a wall of text or unnecessary clutter!

The minimal text should seamlessly blend with the banner and bind the entire page together as one big painting or art form.

Utilizing Short Videos And GIFs

Using short videos and GIFs makes everything look a lot better and is a great alternative if you want to explain your products and services without boring your audience with a wall of text. Using this and a little white space, you can really capture the visitors’ attention and make them interested in what you offer.

Utilizing a video background is also an amazing idea for custom web design Singapore. Especially if what you offer are video services! Motionless backgrounds are great, but video backgrounds really liven things up and make everything pop-out a lot easier.

Product Images—The Bigger, The Better

If you’re selling something, presenting it as a small image panel on the bottom is not the right way to advertise it. You want to emphasize it by placing your products as a giant image on your website’s landing page or the products page.

You can even make a large image slideshow with graphics and images about all of your products as long as it’s not too overwhelming. When displayed as a large image, your product’s highlights are a lot more visible and a lot more appealing!

When the product is being given pure undivided attention, you’ve already won. Interest has already been planted in the minds of your page visitors. This aspect of custom web design Singapore can heavily entice people to stay or become customers.

Distinct Call To Action

If you’re not actively encouraging your customers to engage and interact with your website and your products, you’re not maximizing your potential. You need to have a call to action (CTA) button strategically presented in your website instead of hiding it. Some website have their CTA buttons among clutter which can greatly affect your engagement and sales.

Easy Navigation

Ease of access is important for any site. This means that customers have to have an easy time finding what they want on your website. Whether it be a product, previews, or a page about your company, everything must be easy to locate, navigate, and access.

Integration Of Social Media

Using social media as a platform for your business can affect your website’s popularity as well. Especially if you’re selling items, you can post about them on visual social media platforms such as Instagram. You can even use Facebook to talk about products and paint your company and the main website in a positive light!


Just like how marketing and web optimization is important, custom web design Singapore is crucial to the success of both your business and your online presence.

Keep an eye on these web design elements and constantly adjust your website to reach your maximum potential, good luck!