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Innovative Web Design Trends

21 December 2021 in Web Design

One thing that is ever-evolving is website design trends because this aspect hinges on changes in technology, as well as the current preferences of the market. To illustrate, in early 2000, the Internet was at its infancy stage and smartphones were just starting to gain traction. Back then, these mobile devices were simplistic and incapable of running browser applications that you now enjoy today. Through the years, innovators built on simple ideas, and from basic crude text messaging, full keypads developed. Alongside this, you can send pictures and conduct group chats.

Now, highly responsive and mobile-friendly technologies are staples. Today, most website traffic in Singapore and around the world originates from mobile gadget users rather than personal computers. Because of these massive changes in tech and the demands of the people, companies have had to ensure that their web page design can readily adapt to a mobile interface. If so much can improve in a span of a few years, just imagine what is in store for the world in ten years or so. Listed below are a few innovative web design trends that you can look forward to enjoying.

The Concept of Pageless Design 

If you ever wondered why companies need multiple pages for their website, then this year, innovators make sure that this curiosity is appropriately addressed. Back in the day, many pages are necessary because a single page is not functional to support and showcase everything you want. Companies that were offering web design services needed to work on a wide array of pages so they can efficiently display what you want to show the world.

Now, thanks to technological breakthroughs, a single page can already handle and accommodate all the information of a regular website. You no longer have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort paying web design agency Singapore because they no longer have to work on varied pages. You now have the option to condense all your vital company information on one single page.

When users no longer have to navigate through multiple pages, there is less risk for them to leave your site. If you provide them with an option to view everything your company has to offer at a single glance, your customers will appreciate you more because you understand that their time is precious.

Thanks to fast broadband connectivity, potent processors, advanced HTML, superior CCS, and access to JavaScript, all of these fantastic improvements can be made. Getting straight to the point is necessary in this fast-paced world where every single person is busy and time is a precious commodity.

Strong Collaboration Between Developers and Designers

In the past decade, web development and website design were considered as separate fields. When you hire a web development company, it is not common for front end developers to interact and share their expertise with back-end developers. There was no need for them to communicate.

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Thanks to modern technology, both careers can now blend to help you craft solutions. Old school experts now value the art of collaboration because they bring forth great ideas. The cooperation paves the way for these professionals to meet the intense demands of changing modern user requirements.

It is also vital to note that it is currently commonplace to have full stack developers that can handle both, including all the work of managing servers, databases, systems, engineering, and even clients. Currently, there are 135,00 full-stack developers, and this figure is expected to reach a million by 2025. In the future, the merging of multiple disciplines will undoubtedly bring forth so many positive changes to the world, including web development and design.

The Rise of Chatbot Technology

The advent of AI or artificial intelligence has paved that way for chatbots to gain popularity. These chat robots are capable of mimicking human personas. The arrival of these bots means everyone who visits your site can now interact with robots via text when they have queries. This ensures there will be faster responses, making your clients happy. Customers these days are all about connecting with businesses. They want answers, and they want them as fast as possible.

To ensure your clients will have a rich user-experience, these chatbots can be accessed in via mobile gadgets. In fact, since almost five million people have access to portable devices, web design services must be able to completely work this AI program. After all, they exist to make human life comfortable and easier. What takes hundreds of employees to do, will only take one software to get things done. This saves your business time and money.

Chatbots are a crucial addition to any website because they improve customer service. In retail, whether you are selling goods or service, customer service is king. If you make your clients happy, you can expect them to buy your offerings, promote you to their friends, and keep on coming back for repeat business. In this modern world, if you fail to include this convenient tool, you will fail to tap your target audience, and they may end up bringing their business to your competitors.

Some chatbots can even go as far as to help clients search and filter choices to queries like “yummy food near me” with just a few text queries. Some are predicting that it is totally possible for chatbots to replace websites in the future. Instead of browsing around, these chatbots will give clients the information that they need. This is a win-win situation because you satisfy your clients’ demands and improve your customer service.

Final Word

If you are a website owner in Singapore, you need the support of a web design company that can help you implement the latest cutting-edge features. You need creative partners that are willing to innovate to help you craft a future-proof website design. After all, if you want to stand out from the hundreds of competitors looking to steal your clients, you must consistently innovate and update your existing website. With the help of a great website design company Singapore, you can get this done affordably, quickly, and efficiently through their affordable services, fully customized design and development, and aftermarket support.