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10 Must Know Words When You Communicating With Web Designers

21 December 2021 in Web Design

Website design is filled with jargon and technical language that can make the average person’s head spin. But if you want to work with a web development company, you must know these terms to avoid any misunderstanding.

Regardless of whether or not they are trustworthy and competent, it is not a good idea to let the web developer Singapore to make all the major decisions without your input. But you can only give your recommendation or suggestion on the website design if you can speak their language.

But don’t worry. We listed ten must-know terms you need to communicate better with the web design company:

  1. Navigation — This term is critical if you want to have a good user experience. You can make the visitor’s life simple or complicated, depending on the navigation. It typically has two parts–primary and secondary. Primary navigation refers to the prominent links and buttons on the page. The text should be large enough to make sure the visitors do not get lost. Secondary navigation, meanwhile, is located above the primary navigation, and it features links that do not need to be highlighted, such as “Volunteer,” “Log In,” and the like. At the very least, the website design company singapore should make sure that your site is easy to navigate.
  1. 404 Error Message — For a website owner, reading these on your screen is a nightmare. It could mean several things, such as your host is down, an incorrect URL, the page no longer exists, your website is infected by a malware, etc. What you do not like, however, is for this to happen frequently. Another variation is the 301 Redirect, which simply means that you would be redirected to a new website page from the old site.
  1. Bounce rate — A successful website design singapore can reduce the bounce rate to insignificant levels or eliminate it altogether. Basically, it means that the visitor left your page without interacting with your website. Among the most common reasons why they leave is a complicated and confusing web page design. It is why you should always highlight the most important areas on your website.
  1. Cookies — It is not the tasty treat that kids love so much. They actually refer to the data files on the web browser. Why are they important? With the use of the HTML cookies, you can track their movements while they are on your page. You know which links they are clicking, what articles they are reading, the photos they are viewing, and the like.  The web development company singapore will install cookies so that it can customise offers for the frequent visitor. With that said, the web design company singapore should ensure that your cookies are PDPA compliant, or else they would be flagged in some countries.
  1. Cache — The cache, meanwhile, functions differently from cookies. It refers to the temporary storage of data, which will help speed up the loading time the next time the same user logs in to your site again.
  1. Call-to-Action — You might have stumbled on these phrases:

“Subscribe now and get one month for free!”

“Sign up for free.”

“Start selling today.”

“Increase your sales right now.”

Those are simple call-to-action phrases on your web page design, which helps spark interest or increase engagement.

  1. DNS and CDN — The DNS is the Domain Name System, while the CDN is the Content Delivery Network. The DNS is useful to allow the browsers to load Internet resources rapidly. The CDN, meanwhile, is a string of content and scripts, which help speed up the webpage.
  1. HTML and CSS — The HTML is a computer language that will outline the content and structure of the website design singapore. The CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is critical to make sure the HTML elements are displayed correctly.
  1. Domain name — The domain name is your website address, such as www.companies.sg or www.hotels.com, for instance. It is the words that your visitors will type in the URL box to access your page. There is a science to creating a domain name, and website developer singapore should be familiar with these methods.
  1. HTTP or HTTPS — HyperText Transfer Protocol  is where the data is from your browser and the webpage you are accessing. However, today, the standard protocol is the HTTPS, with the extra letter “S” standing for “secure.”

Those are the standard terms in the industry, used by the web design agency singapore. However, they are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of terms being used in web site development. But you do not need to know them all. What you should never do is to stop asking. If you are not familiar with the jargon used in web design services, there is no harm in asking the service provider for clarification.