Letter of Offer (LOF)

A Letter of Offer (LOF) assists applicants in following the procedure step by step to ensure that its recipients are adequately prepared to receive the award. This meets the demands of small and medium-sized firms (SMEs), particularly first-time applicants, who often seek government funding.

However, the LOF can only be accepted by your company’s Acceptor in Corppass. The LOF cannot be accepted by Viewers or Preparers. If by any chance, the person who filed the application on the firm’s behalf has recently resigned, any worker assigned as a BGP user in the company and given a Preparer or Acceptor role by the company’s CorpPass Administrator can accept the Letter of Offer. The new user’s contact information should be added to the BGP.

If you are the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, or equivalent of the firm and want to alter your role from Preparer to Acceptor, your Corppass admin can do so.

The Letter of Offer (LOF) must be accepted within the timeframe specified on the LOF in order to be valid. Any LOF that is not accepted within this time frame will be considered invalid.

For a step-by-step guide you may read through this PDF document by Entreprise Singapore.

Read more about Letter of Offer (LOF) over on GoBusiness Singapore.

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