10 Ways to Generate Interesting Marketing Content for Your Brand

21 December 2021 in Marketing

As a marketer, there will come the point when you feel like you’ve hit the wall. You’ve tried many different things already, and you find yourself challenged to come up with the following marketing content for your brand.

Content is the most crucial part of any marketing campaign. This is the message you want to impart to your clients. Thus, good marketing content is decisive when it comes to the success of your brand’s marketing.

If you think about your next marketing content, here are ten ways to generate exciting marketing content for your brand.

10 Ways to Generate Interesting Marketing Content for Your Brand

Social Media Marketing Ideas

Here are some ways to generate content through social media.

Join the weekly hashtag themes

We know you’ve been handling different social media accounts for your brand. Each social media platform requires different approaches, but one thing common among all social media platforms is the use of hashtags.

What used to be a simple statement now becomes a tool for people to discover your brand. So why don’t you maximize the magic of hashtags? Join weekly hashtag themes. Check what’s the theme for the week, and from there, generate marketing content that fits the hashtag and in line with your company’s brand.

The hashtag theme can be a good starting point for you to create content. You didn’t just go along with the bandwagon; you’ve only made your brand even more discoverable too!

Keep social tabs on competitors.

Don’t know what content to put in your next campaign? Take inspiration or ideas from your competitors.

A healthy competitor’s check is helpful for your business. It can help you check out what your competitors are doing right (or not). By looking at their posts and content, you will understand or glimpse what their marketing strategy is.

You can check out what approaches are working for them and what approaches are not. You can use these insights to think about your next marketing approach.

Contest Marketing Idea

Marketing content doesn’t always have to be from you. Why torture yourself from pulling out your ideas when you can try getting them from your audiences? That’s right!

After all, what is a better testament for your brand than the people who have already tried using it? Try using some user-generated content for your next marketing campaign.

Here are some content marketing ideas that can help you generate interesting content.

Photo Contests

A photo contest is a great way to get user-generated content. It’s easy and fast to do. You can attract more people to join it because they can join the contest in just a few clicks.

Video Contests

Video contests are relatively more challenging to join because you need to have the skills to create a video. But, from a marketer’s point of view, once you have an excellent user-generated video, it will be valuable content for your brand.

You can get high-quality videos or some video ideas from your users. Then you can either use it or use the ideas to generate interesting marketing concerns.

Caption Contests

Can’t get those words out of your head? Well, let your audience give them to you. Start a caption contest and be surprised about the different captions your audience has in store for you.

It’s an excellent way to choose the best caption for your marketing content, and at the same time, you get to know your audiences more.

Content Marketing Ideas 

Here are other content marketing ideas that you can explore.

Ask the Experts

Why don’t you try reaching out to industry experts that can help you give out more information about your brand?

You can interview them and post them as a blog or as a video. These experts are considered an authority in the industry. Therefore, having them will give your brand more credibility. Choose a good topic and let them do the talking.

Top 10s

You can also produce a Top 10 list. It is easier for people to look through a list of the most recommended products they are looking at buying.

For example, you are a shoe company. Why don’t you produce a Top 10 List of your best running shoes? This can help you give your potential client more information about the product and decide on making the purchase.


Podcasts are a rising star when it comes to marketing. More and more people are discovering the advantages of listening to podcasts. It’s handy, informative, and accessible.

So why don’t you venture into making a podcast for your brand? The podcast market is not as saturated as the video content market. Try to search for different tips on creating a podcast and designing a marketing campaign to produce a good one.


Collaborate with different brands, organizations, or influencers. This can help you expand your reach and build your reputation.

Consider all the partnerships you can make. You can do an outreach program and partner with a charitable institution. This can be part of the corporate social activity of your company.

How about partnering with a related business? This way, you can reach out to that business’s audience as well—both brands and work hand in hand to increase each other’s sales.


Have you tried making memes for your brand? If not, why not explore it! Check on some meme generators and make content related to your brand.

Once you have created a good meme, it can be easily shared, and there are higher chances it can go viral! It’s a cool way of getting to your audience, so give it a try. Just make sure your memes are made in good taste because it won’t be fair to be viral for the wrong reasons.

There you have it! Try out any of these ways to generate exciting marketing ideas. Use these as a starting point for your next marketing campaign.