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Website Revamp Singapore – The Questions and the Answers Before You Start

21 December 2021 in Web Design

Website revamp Singapore and for businesses elsewhere is a critical strategy to ensure that your business is on top. There are designs and content elements that you need to consider, especially for branding and marketing.

Nonetheless, revamping your website, especially when necessary, must be part of your top marketing priority. If you’re still unconvinced, here are the answers to all the possible hows and whys that you’ll be asking along the way, so let’s get started.

Why do I need to revamp my website?

If you are currently asking yourself this question, then there’s a 90% chance that you need to update or change your website entirely. Moreover, there are other reasons why you need to give your website an overhaul or a facelift.

You’re having a hard time managing your website.

It’s okay if you have a person or a group of people managing your website, but if you’re doing it all on your own and you’re having a hard time managing it, then it’s time to revamp.

Try looking into WordPress or working with a team of developers who understand your issues and your website’s goals. If you’re critical with access, you can set limits on your website and be able to revoke their access at any time.

Your site is broken.

Well, not literally, but you see some links are clickable, and pages have 404 errors, then it’s time for a revamp. Another reason is your site was hacked, and the design and code were corrupted.

Your pages don’t convert to sales.

Many factors can affect your lead generation, and conversion rate and some of these factors include the following:

  • Your website has an outdated design that doesn’t attract your customers or your target market anymore.
  • A revamp also includes changing and updating your website’s content, especially looking into content that is already obsolete.
  • An issue in the UI or UX or your website is also one of the most significant factors why people don’t visit your site anymore, or it won’t show on Google search results.

Your website design is unresponsive.

The majority of online users and buyers use their smartphones, and if your website isn’t responsive or mobile-friendly, you definitely need to update your design. Moreover, security is also critical for online use, especially now that users are more critical when it comes to making purchases online. Therefore, work with your web developers and designers to check your website’s security, especially the payment portals.

What are the most important pages on your website right now?

Now that you have strong and reliable reasons for revamping your website, you need to analyze your current website and identify your valuable pages. The assessment process will require you to use data and tools from various websites like Google Analytics to secure traffic and conversion rates on your pages.

Here’s a quick look at how you can start redesigning your website and your pages:

  • High traffic and conversion pages need to be critical when revamping these pages, as these can be considered as the bread and butter of your website. Revamp these pages cautiously, making sure that you do not create a negative ripple effect on your conversion and traffic.
  • Low traffic with high conversion pages is still important, considering that it brings in more users to your website. Be critical of the design and resolve conversion issues on the page so you can take advantage of the traffic it brings.
  • Low traffic and low conversion pages are the pages where you can be more experimental and even learn from the two-page categories above. These are risk-free pages that you can change or revamp in order to increase both conversion and traffic.

Who are your current audience and your target market for the new website? 

Google has created mobile users’ moments to help marketers develop, enhance, or just get to know website users. These are additional categories that you can use along with your buyer persona, and these are the following:

users mobile moments

Source: 4 New Moments Every Marketer Should Know

Your buyer persona, user moments, and even the target market give you a clearer idea of who your ideal customers are. Understanding who they are, what they want, their intentions and other factors that mold their persona help you understand what drives them to your website. It gives you a clear view of what drives them to buy from you or even choose your website.

How to start a website revamp Singapore?

We’ve already shared the first few steps in revamping your website; the next big steps include the following:

Find the right people.

You can have an in-house team or work with a local digital marketing team to help you identify the gaps and fill these gaps in your current website. We highly recommend that you work with people who don’t just understand design but also understand you as a brand.

Research, research, and do more research.

It’s important to work with experts, but it also pays when we know what we want for our business. Remember, your website is your storefront online, so you need to understand your goals and be able to see the possibilities for your brand.

Don’t forget your team.

Entrepreneurs and business owners should also work and brainstorm with marketing, HR, and other teams in your company. Create a system where they can provide their feedback to help you enhance your website.

How to measure the success of the redesign project? 

The best way to assess the success of your website is to look at the numbers in real-time. Use analytics and other data gathering apps and platforms to monitor the results of the changes that you applied to your website.

Another KPI that you need to take into consideration is the number of sales on your website. Monitor the sales and the average order value on your website in order to understand the effective and ineffective tools that you applied in your new design.

If you’re ready to revamp your website Singapore, then start with these steps first. Then, work on finding your way to us, check out our services now at Corsiva Lab.