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Web Design Mistakes You can Avoid Today

21 December 2021 in Web Design

A good web design is key to online success, regardless if you are selling goods or services. Your website is your store online and that’s why you need to avoid web design mistakes that can jeopardize your revenue.

Choosing the right person or team to work on your website is critical because their strategies and the branding execution in your website can make or break your online presence. Therefore, generally speaking, it’s important that you avoid any issues and clear out mistakes because you even launch your website and we’ve created the basic list for you.

Problem 1. Your Website Loads Slow

Amazon would lose $1.6 billion if their website slowed down and that;s a fact. Website speed is critical today especially that almost all businesses are present online and you need to make an awesome first impression.

Remember, people consider a fast website as a reliable and professional company because you are looking after the convenience of the users. With this in mind, people also expect websites to load fast and, according to Kismetrics, 85% of smartphone users expect dynamic websites to load faster on desktop and other devices.

Also, Google loves fast websites and they take these into account when ranking websites. So, you can check the speed of your website now and assess whether or not it’s affecting your current ranking.

Problem 2. Unable to Find the Right Products on Your Website

As part of the UX and buyer’s journey, it’s your job to ensure that customers can immediately see or view the products they want to purchase. Some users have reported that if they don’t see the products that they want to purchase within 10 seconds or less, they’ll switch to the competitors.

Solution: The best solution is to make your homepage your store front. Complete your homepage by adding either your bestselling or new products, all the information about the business, and add the price, product options, and complete images of your products or services.

Problem 3. Your Website is Not Engaging Enough or Too Engaging

We understand that you want to give everything to your users or audience at a glance and, sometimes, we think that the best way to do it is with texts. Other websites also bombard their users with too many videos and texts that can be overwhelming, too.


Design-wise, when you think about it, the best solution is to KISS it – keep it short and simple. Remember that your users are here to buy your product, read about your blog, or check out your services, so focus on these. Focus on providing quality and informative details and leave the design to the experts.

Problem 4. Your Forms are Way Too Complex

You have a form for users, for new buyers, returning customers, and you have additional forms for inquiries and recommendations. If you think this is the best approach, then you’re doing it wrong.

People buy online or visit a website because they are looking for a solution. So, you shouldn’t add to the complications and issues, instead, you need to provide solutions, make every step easy, and quick.


The best way to resolve this is to only add necessary forms. In your forms, make sure to only add the necessary fields to lessen the need for typing.

Problem 5. There are Videos and Audio Playing Automatically 

Let’s face it, we can see or know what the user is doing when visiting our websites and that’s why we need to avoid automatic videos and audios to play. Though people love hearing audio and music, they still want to do this in their own terms. So, as website owners, you need to give your users an option to either watch or listen to your AVP content.


Work with your developer and inform them that you don’t want automatic videos and audio playing on your website. Also, ask them to give your users the option to play these content while visiting your website, especially advertisements to avoid annoying the users.

Problem 6. Too Many Advertisements

Advertisements are necessary, especially to bloggers, in order for them to earn more, aside from just creating content. The downside of third-party advertisements is publishers and website owners don’t have the choice on what ads to place on their website. Sure, you know your media partners and the brand patterns, but the advertisements on your website still depends on the ad publisher’s discretion.


First, partner with third-party ad publishers that also have the same target market as your brand. Second, advertisement placements on your website must be critically placed or located in sensible locations that do not disrupt the user’s reading or view. Lastly, design ads that create a seamless transition with the viewers eyes.

Problem 7. You Don’t Use Analytics to Check Your Performance

Web design is more than just the design, branding, and the overall image of a website. It’s a combination of data, design, facts, and information that your users or target audience consider to be either useful or entertaining. As such, data and analytics are two of the most overlooked elements of a website but are important for its success.


Install data and analytics tracker on your website. You can also purchase other analytics tools to help you optimize your website for better user experience. Remember that you need to invest in order for your website, which can be considered as your online lifeblood, to become successufl.

Problem 8. Your Website is Not Mobile Responsive

There are 3.8 billion smartphone users across the globe and that means you have 3.8 billion target market, if you ship your products worldwide. However, the downside of some websites is that they aren’t mobile responsive.


Work with your developer and designer to ensure that your website, regardless of where you host it and on what platform it is, is that it’s mobile responsive. It’s important that, even though you have an application, your website should still be mobile or device responsive.

These are just the common web design mistakes and there are still a lot that you need to avoid. The best way to stay clear of these mistakes is to work with an expert digital marketing team and make sure that even your content strategies are in line with your goals.