Top 3 Challenges Clients Face When Working With Web Designers

21 December 2021 in Ecommerce

Nowadays, it is almost necessary to have a digital presence to expand your business. Even family-run restaurants that only locals used to know have taken to advertising their menu on Facebook or their personal websites.

While Facebook provides unprecedented convenience and reach, nothing speaks professionalism and credibility, the way a website design does.

With 8 in 10 Singaporeans hooked to their smartphones, it only makes sense that they also use it to shop online and order food, other than stay connected to their friends. And this is where you will get an edge if you hire a web design company singapore to make sure you are filling the demand.

But why hire a web development company singapore when you can use free WordPress templates?

The short answer is that the web design company can deliver a corporate website tailor-fit to the needs of your customers.

Consider the following statistics:

  1. 7 in 10 of visitors leave the website because of poor user experience
  2. 2 in 3 visitors are likely to interact with a beautifully designed site
  3. More than 7 in 10 people form an opinion of the company based on the web page design
  4. 9 in 10 create their impression of the website based on the design
  5. Consumers spend only about 15 minutes online. They would rather interact with a website that delivers a pleasing user experience
  6. Nearly 4 in 10 people no longer return to a site that made a wrong impression
  7. Users only have about 10 seconds on your website to decide whether they will do business with your company.

As you can see from those statistics, having an aesthetically pleasing and functional website is critical to your business. That is the reason why you need to work with a website design company singapore rather than download a generic template.

However, hiring a website developer singapore is not a walk in the park. You will encounter some problems, although the benefits often outweigh the risks.

Here are the top three challenges that you will face when working with a web design agency singapore:

  1. The web designer could not deliver within the deadline — A simple customised website will take at least two weeks to finish. However, it will still depend on the number of customisation. But you must understand that if you are outsourcing web development singapore to a professional, you both have the same goal–to finish the job the soonest possible time. After all, they earn per project. The sooner they complete yours, the faster they can take on other projects. The timeline can be unpredictable because a considerable chunk of the project is the creative process. Make sure to be in constant communication with the web developer singapore, give you inputs, and let them do their jobs without too much intervention.
  1. The output is not what you asked for — While you might think that you are on the same page with the professional in terms of website development singapore, you find out later on that the product is not what you ordered. The client should insist on constant updates (not daily, of course) to make sure that your visions align. The web design services should include a project manager who will sit down with the client to discuss all the details of the project.
  1. They do not understand SEO — Simply put, the website design singapore should be SEO-ready to rank high in search engines. Some designers only focus on the beautiful design that they forget to incorporate SEO into web site development. They do not even perform the minimum requirements for Google to crawl to the website and index it so that searchers can find it on the search engine results page. You might be impressed with the design, but it would be useless if your potential clients cannot see you online.

It is always a problem if the output of the web development company does not match your expectations. It will be a headache if you start from scratch once again if you hire another designer. However, some experts in web site design Singapore assign different designers to produce demo websites for the same client. The competition will enhance creativity, and it will provide more options to the client.