Top 10 Common WordPress Theme Issues You Must Know How To Fix Them

21 December 2021 in Ecommerce

When it comes to the content management system, nothing can touch WordPress. In fact, according to data, more than 35% of websites all over the world are powered by WordPress. For instance, if you are browsing on a web page design right now, you have a one in three chance of guessing correct that it is using WordPress.

Even if you add the numbers of all the other website creators like Joomla, Wix, and Squarespace, they still could not take down the dominance of WordPress in the market.

Although a web development company singapore is proficient in most CMS, using WordPress will yield several benefits.

For example, since it powers almost 500 million websites, you reduce the problem of compatibility. Apps and plugins are geared toward WordPress-compatibility so that the web design company singapore won’t have any issue optimizing your site.

The reason why your average web developer singapore loves WP is due to the following reasons:

  • It is easily scalable and adaptable
  • The learning curve is short, even for beginners
  • Multiple options offered by themes
  • Countless plugins, which improve user experience
  • Sites powered by WordPress typically rank high on search engines
  • WordPress makes blogging easy
  • It has a large community that is always willing to lend support

However, despite its market dominance and vaunted benefits, WordPress is not without its faults, particularly its themes.

Here are some issues you may encounter in your website design singapore:

  1. The page is slow to load — Some of the most common reasons why your page loading time is slow would include a stuffy codebase, incompatible plugins, large images, or you might be using an outdated version. If you have too many videos, animations, Flash, and images on your website, it can result in a bloated codebase, which slows down your site. Work with a web development company that understands simple does not need to be boring.
  1. Security — Themes can be used as a backdoor for hackers to penetrate your system. It is because plugins are needed to make your themes functional, which, in turn, allows you to maximise the WP utilities. The website design company singapore should be familiar with the WordPress code to customise security measures for your website.
  1. The final product does not look like the demo — You selected a WordPress theme because you liked the website design. However, when you activated the theme, it does not look the same. It could be that you did not set your homepage template to “static homepage.”
  1. Default URL is not SEO-friendly — If you publish a blog and the URL does not make sense, don’t worry. You can easily customise your URL by clicking on Settings on the dashboard, then selecting on Permalinks. You can then change it in the “Post Name” section.
  1. 404 Error page — If you cannot access your posts and instead find a 404 Error message, do not contact the web design company first without updating your permalink settings. It could happen when you use a new theme.
  1. Limitations in the design — While WordPress offers several templates, they can only do so much for your web site development. Plus, you are at risk of using a generic website when you rely on these free themes. Have the web development company singapore customise your site to fit your needs.
  1. Codebase issues — It is critical that you work with a website developer singapore who is proficient in WordPress coding. Poor coding will expose your site to multiple vulnerabilities, glitches, and other issues.
  1. Missing menu — If you cannot find the menu, go to Appearance>Menu. You need to create one and make sure that you assign a location for the menu through the “Display Locations.”
  1. Missing buttons in the Visual Editor — It could be the result of a corrupted JavaScript. Other reasons include incompatible plugins or if the TinyMCE files are missing. Unfortunately, if you have no experience with coding, you can’t do it on your own. Contact a professional website development singapore to fix the issue.
  1. White screen of death — If you only find a white screen after activating your new theme for your web design singapore, the issue could be with your outdated PHP. It could also be the incompatible plugins or if you clicked on the Live Preview button even before you activated the new theme.

Finally, the web design company singapore should always be accessible, especially when you encounter problems with your website. If you use the template from WordPress, you are at the mercy of their customer support service. And remember, there are millions and millions of websites out there that use the same CMS. Instead, customised web design services guarantee that any problems with your WordPress themes are immediately addressed.