E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce or online commerce, is the purchasing and selling of products or services through the internet, as well as the transmission of money and data to complete these transactions. E-commerce is commonly used to refer to the online sale of actual things, but it may also apply to any type […]

Point of Sale (POS)

As a crucial component of a point of purchase, the point of sale (POS) is the place where a customer makes the payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may be assessed. A point of sale (POS) transaction can take place in person or online, and receipts can be printed or created electronically. […]

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is aimed at small and medium enterprises or small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore that are in need of funding to purchase productivity solutions such as IT equipment and software, information communications technology (ICT), equipment and services. A full grant beneficiary receives a support level of up to 70% […]

Letter of Offer (LOF)

A Letter of Offer (LOF) assists applicants in following the procedure step by step to ensure that its recipients are adequately prepared to receive the award. This meets the demands of small and medium-sized firms (SMEs), particularly first-time applicants, who often seek government funding. However, the LOF can only be accepted by your company’s Acceptor […]