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Tayo Station web development portfolio ecommerce

Tayo Station

Tayo Station, the second character theme park launched by DreamUs Edutainment after Pororo Park Singapore, required a website to showcase their facilities, ticketing information, services and other information.

  • Web Development
  • Ticketing management system
E-commerce system

Being the second theme park introduced by DreamUs Edutainment, the client was looking to start afresh and improve on the processes from their experience with the first theme park. Aside from an informational website to showcase the park’s facilities and key information, they wished to integrate their ticket and membership sales, events enquiries and merchandise sales together with the website. The client needed to automate their ticketing processes, create a better user experience their membership and custom events, and showcase the merchandise range of close to 3000 products in a neat and user-friendly manner.

Corsiva E-commerce and CMS

To enable Tayo Station to provide a better user experience for their customers, Corsiva Lab proposed and created a customised solution suited for their ticketing use. Through close communication and understanding of their procedures and feedback to the systems required, both companies innovated on the way a user can purchase and admit themselves into the park. Corsiva Lab has also custom designed the membership and custom event form to automate their human error prone processes.

Tayo Station desktop web design portfolio
Tayo Station mobile web design portfolio
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