About Paya Beach Resort

Having over 30 years of experience, Paya Beach Resort is an established player in Malaysia's tourism and hospitality industry. Situated in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Paya Beach Resort offers its visitors a wide array of Tioman Island Packages ranging from spa treatments to diving packages.


Facing strong competition from the other resorts located at Tioman Island, Paya Beach Resort wanted to leverage on digital marketing to continue expanding its outreach in Malaysia to achieve greater conversions and thus sales volumes. Additionally, prior to enlisting our services, our client did not incorporate any tracking mechanism to monitor conversion rates across the different channels they adopt to reach out to their intended audience. Hence,they noted a gap in their previous marketing efforts which they hope to bridge; they had insufficient data regarding their consumers' behaviour and thus were unable to make well-informed decisions about how to better their marketing strategies.

Proposed Solutions

To help Paya Beach Resort target these pain points, our team embedded tracking links on every page of the website to monitor vital statistics such as conversion rates and bounce rates were made easier. This powerful tracking mechanism allowed for the accumulation of consumer behaviour data, which then enabled Paya Beach Resort to identify areas for improvement such as changing the structure or content of particular webpages that resulted the highest bounce rates. Besides that, we utilised Google Analytics' data when structuring the website; the packages and rooms tab was brought to the home page since they were shown to have the highest number of page views. Through this cycle of monitoring and optimising, Paya Beach Resort saw a significant increase in conversion rates.

Furthermore, to help Paya Beach Resort establish a greater outreach and brand visibility online, search engine optimisation (SEO) was carried out alongside more regular organic postings and targeted paid campaigns.