About Ideacray

Ideacray is a virtual assistant that aims to plug the gaps in companies. Offering services ranging from project management, project specifications creation, presentation creation to server architecture, Ideacray's vision is to become the capable right hand man when it comes to providing holistic services essential to the smooth running of your company.


The Ideacray website will function as a corporate website that primarily serves to convey essential information about their services, past clients and their consultants to potential customers. The client hopes to establish brand credibility and professionalism through their website.

Proposed Solutions

Since IdeaCray was adapted from the client's previous brand, our team helped them in rebranding as well as establishing and standardising their corporate identity through a fixed colour palette and new company logo. To portray a more professional image, a clean and modern website theme was adopted. Additionally, to establish credibility, the consultants' profiles and accreditations are foregrounded. Copywriting was also done to help the company convey their message succinctly and clearly to their target audience.