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Digital Marketing Singapore

Corsiva Lab is a renowned Digital Marketing Singapore Agency. We provide you all the exclusive solutions to your woes over digital marketing; no longer will there be a need to spend gruelling hours poring through your social media platforms to check insights and figure how to optimize your current budget to gain greater outreach and impressions. At Corsiva Lab, we run a committed team of professionals that will handle these tough works and pass on to you a meticulous compiled report to help you optimize strategies, budgets and conversion rates at the end of the day.

Having helped a wide range of Business to Consumers (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) companies in Singapore successfully, our digital marketing Singapore agency is very confident to turn your dreams into tangible reality today.–increased fan base, followers, greater engagement and higher revenue.

Buckle up as we bring you through a journey you have yet to experience before only at Corsiva Lab, Digital Marketing Singapore. Leveraging on the combination of several different digital platforms, our team creates an integrated marketing strategy uniquely just for your business and ensure wonders to be built upon your digital presence in your business’ search.

Digital Marketing Singapore

How can Corsiva Lab help your business grow leads & attain higher conversion rates ?

At Corsiva Lab, we strongly believe in providing value for our customers. We leverage on several different digital marketing platforms to create a customized integrated marketing plan for your business. Our dedicated team will strategize and come up with various marketing campaigns according to your desired outcomes and help you in reaching your intended target audience and extending your outreach. Furthermore, through constant monitoring and re-evaluation of our current methods, we will ensure that conversion rates are optimised and that you maximise each and every dollar of investment you put in.

  Digital marketing can help you generate leads and achieve as much as 24% increase in conversion rates

  Its real-time response mechanism (Facebook Messenger,Instagram Direct Message) can help you increase customer satisfaction, experience and retention.

  More than 70% of consumers are connecting with brands through their digital marketing activities

  With 2.8 billion Social Media users, you will be able to easily identify & target your potential audiences based on their demographics

  You get to target your competitors’ potential customers with advanced digital marketing strategies

  Based on data insights from previous marketing campaigns, you get to narrow down to find your warm leads & re-target them to increase conversion.

  • Business Objectives

    Through a pre-kickoff survey, we will further understand your business goals and vision.

  • Unique Selling Points

    We will be digging deeper into your business to find and strengthen the 'X' factor that differentiates your business from the rest.

  • Target Audience

    We will identify the best target audience for you and propose various strategies to achieve optimal reach and brand awareness.

  • Stage of product life cycle

    After understanding whether you are at the introduction, growth, maturity or decline stage, we can better recommend strategies to achieve your business objectives.

  • Strategic Planning

    Our team will devise strategies that complement each other and span across multiple channels to achieve the highest conversion rates.

  • Execution and Optimization

    Your campaigns will be promptly executed with regular monitoring to optimize their effectiveness.

  • Biweekly Report

    Biweekly reports on your campaign's performance will be sent to you for your firsthand understanding of the progress of your business' campaign.

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