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Productivity is key! Reduce your business’ manual processes & human errors by automating your day to day tasks with a scalable & reliable customised system.
Routine Task Reduction

As your business grows, routine tasks become more time-consuming and require more human effort. Our technology eliminates most routine tasks by reconfiguring your work processes into an automated system.

System Automation

By automating your previously-manual routine tasks and reducing human input, our productivity solutions help you speed up your processes and reduce human errors.

Integrated Systems

Our technology combines your different systems (POS, eCommerce, factory, etc.) in order to centralise your operations and cut down on the manpower needed to coordinate and synchronise data entries.

Cloud Synchronisation

By bringing all your operations and systems to cloud, we ensure that all processes are synchronised in real time, making it easier for companies to monitor their order management and inventory status.

Streamlined Processes

With a reconfigured system, we will streamline your processes to ensure efficiency and help you save resources in running your operations.

Customer-Interactive Designs

Each business's system deserves a great user experience to ensure day to day tasks are not a hassle. We will conduct user interviews with the key individuals from each department before starting on a design for any system

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Financial Support

Get more for less with your productivity solution

Productivity solutions form a crucial step in strengthening business foundation for any company that wants to grow and transform. The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) helps Singapore companies achieve this goal by financially supporting projects that enhance efficiency through automation and technologies.

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Retail POS Linkup
Smart metering
Factory system
Productivity System
Sales Management
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Deeper Transformation of Business Models

Redesigning productivity system is a crucial step toward transforming business models, especially for companies looking forward to expanding their operation.

Oftentimes, off-the-shelf are unable to accommodate upgrades and customisations necessary for advanced business operations. Our technology enables you to completely reconfigure your business processes to reduce routine tasks, tailor for custom applications, and increase efficiency with proper automation.

Strengthening Business Foundation

As your business partner, we are not only committed to creating a functional website and productivity system for you, but also devoted to portraying your unique brand identity. We pride ourselves on interactive user interfaces custom designed for each project, and tailor the presentation of your content to target your intended audience most efficiently. By giving you a strong online presence and a revamp system to boost productivity, Corsiva Lab ensures that your company receives a strengthened foundation to continue expanding your business.


A wholesale trader specialised in wood-based panels for household use, UniPanel was looking for a revamped website to both showcase their customers different kitchen designs and manage customer warranty.

Corsiva Lab designs a completely customised and interactive product management system, which allows customers to mix and match different design elements to obtain the desired look for their kitchen space and create orders based on those exact specifications. In addition, Corsiva Lab’s revamped system also automates the warranty claim process by assigning each customer a unique account, with which customers can sign up for product replacement, quality check, or warranty claim with ease.


ST Residences

ST Residences is an online property management firm that styles chic fully furnished corporate apartments.

The company’s core focus was to create a website with an effective apartment search functionality, to allow for users to find their ideal apartment. Corsiva Lab helped develop a customised apartment management system with layers of filtering (general filter module, building module and apartment modules), to aid users in their overall selections. Furthermore, there was also a customised content management system with an easy WYSIWYG editor to assist in managing the website’s content.


Wufang System

Established in 2005, Wufang Singapore is a leading wushu and fitness training provider. In light of a shift to a larger location at The Yard, Wufang Singapore approached Corsiva Lab to launch a brand new website. With the increased student intake, the manual processing of taking attendance via the excel file was no longer productive and feasible solution.

Together with the client, Corsiva Lab developed a customised student management system to assist in attendance taking. The system also records the courses that each student has enrolled in, helping the coaches keep track of students’ progress throughout the various levels in the Wushu field.


Pororo Park Ticketing System

The theme park, Pororo Park Singapore, required a website to showcase their services, ticketing information, and entertainment facilities. In order to facilitate their services and make the purchase process user-friendly for both staff and visitors, Corsiva Lab also built a customised ticketing system to streamline their day-to-day operations.

The customised ticketing system allows customers to purchase e-tickets in advance. For staff members, the backend can be accessed by hand-held devices, making attendance taking easier and more intuitive. Customers would be given a personalised code attached to their purchase information, attendance status and redemption status. E-tickets can be redeemed via this code at the ticket counter, and can be redeemed either partially or entirely depending on customers’ preference.



StudyWhr aims to provide private university students with a platform that showcases the various courses offered by the various universities in Singapore. The platform consolidates and curates important content such as course fee, minimum entry level, course requirements to aid users in their selections.

Corsiva Lab assists to segment the data for various interest groups and present the tailored data in a clear and concise format.



The first platform of its kind in Singapore, Baseline was founded by two training experts who wanted to facilitate contact and exposure between professional trainers and companies.

Corsiva Lab helps them create an environment for such endeavour by building a multiple-sided platform for both companies and trainers looking for connections. The platform is supported by a robust database and a system of multiple user classes, each entitled to different privileges and access level. In addition, a smart custom search system is implemented to aid companies in their selection process, paired with an intuitive navigation interface and appealing design.



The founders of SIN Express aimed to build a platform specifically to provide shipping solutions at corporate standards to SMEs and individuals.

Corsiva Lab helps achieve that goal by creating a website linked up to various 3PL APIs (third-party logistics) to present a consolidated viewpoint to their clients. In addition, Corsiva Lab has also created a customised shipment rate calculator with smart algorithm which guarantees the best price for their customers.


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