About Yixin Seafood

Yi Xin Seafood Steam Potting is a haven for seafood lovers in Singapore. Using the steam-potting technique to cook their seafood, they provide high-quality seafood and exquisite dining experiences.


Yi Xin Seafood wanted their website to highlight their unique selling point, which was their steam-potting technique used in cooking fresh seafood. Additionally, with more customers looking online for new dining places, Yi Xin Seafood wanted to further establish their online presence with a website that allowed customers to peruse their menus as well as an active social media presence that can serve to better engage and reach out to potential customers.

Proposed Solutions

Our team focused on building a website that could explicitly showcase Yi Xin Seafood's specialities; high quality images of their dishes were used on the website to allow customers to get a better idea of what to expect from Yi Xin Seafood as well as to increase the authenticity of the information provided on the website. Besides using more visuals to appeal to customers, the website also foregrounds the restaurant's contact details at the top of the page for customers; the mobile version of the website also allows customers to simply click on their telephone number to dial in and enquire immediately.