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Riferral acts as a job portal connecting potential employers and employees. Offering incentives for both employers and employees, Riferral aims to maximise the benefit of hiring to both parties and aid in matching the right jobs to the right people.

  • Web Development
Riferral Job Portal

Riferral wanted a professional website that can handle the demands and requests of both parties, namely the employers and the employees. As a job portal, the website should be able to show job listings clearly and also allow users to sign up for jobs they are interested in easily.

Corsiva Web Development

The development of the job portal website was heavily focused on equipping the website with the relevant features that can contribute to the overall functionality of the job portal. Besides building the back-end system that helps organise and categorise the job postings available, our team also built the front-end systems that improved user-friendliness and ease of navigation around the website. We also ensured the security of the website, thus preventing unwanted leakage or theft of users' personal information.