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Nila Singapore web development ecommerce portfolio

Nila Aromatherapy

Nila Singapore is a homegrown local brand of essential oils which places great emphasis on freshness and high-quality control. Its aromatherapy bar offers a one-stop shopping experience for essential and base oils and aromatherapy accessories, as well as Nile’s own line of body, skin and hair care products.

  • Web Development
  • e-Commerce
Nila eCommerce integration

Nila Singapore aimed to have a simplistic website to showcase their full range of products and provide customers the convenience of purchasing their products online with a built-in e-commerce function. They were also looking for partnerships with interested retailers and requested for another site where partners can login and engage in business.

Corsiva eCommerce

For an E-Commerce function on Nila’s website, a WordPress WooCommerce was set up for their B2C sales. Additionally, we also implemented MailChimp to allow users to subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

For their Nila’s partners, we specially created a separate portal with a login function so they could engage in B2B product purchase from Nila Singapore. Interested partners are also able to express their interest and a dedicated backend allows Nila Singapore team to give appropriate access to them.

Nila Singapore desktop web design portfolio
Nila Singapore mobile web design portfolio
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