About Kidney Clinic

SH Tan Kidney & Medical Clinic focuses on providing reliable, holistic and quality care to all patients and their family. Being accredited in both renal medicine and internal medicine, Dr. Tan is able to provide various treatments for both kidney-related and general medical conditions.


SH Tan wanted a professional and simple website that can showcase the treatments available at the clinic as well as general information regarding kidney illnesses.

Proposed Solutions

Medical information relies on concise and accurate displaying of all information. As such, Corsiva Lab has taken a step forward to design a simple, direct and user-friendly website to display this information as clearly as possible for users. Important information, such as Dr. Tan’s biography and information about the clinic, is placed on the homepage to help establish credibility—something that would be highly important to his audience. The clinic’s services are also communicated through clear iconography to showcase the treatments available whilst still maintaining a simple and clean look.