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Jungle Element web development portfolio

Jungle Element

Jungle Element is an Artificial Intelligence company in Singapore, aiming to create a hassle free support experience for clients to engage their customers. Founded in 2016, it enable companies to engage their customers on a 24/7 basis along with professional & consistent responses.

  • Web Development
Jungle Element Website and Chatbot

Jungle Element wanted a simple website that shows rather than tell; the website thus acts as a platform that allows them to showcase how their chatbots work and how their chatbots can improve businesses' overall efficiency as well as increase customer engagement.

Corsiva Web Development

For greater convenience, our team adopted a one-page layout for Jungle Element's website; this allows customers to quickly scroll through their website to get a rough idea of how chatbots work and how they could possibly benefit from hiring their services. In addition, rather than simply using text, demo videos of Jungle Element's chatbots were placed on the site to show customers the chatbots in action.